Caro Strover

Schools and Professional Bodies

schoolsAn important part of working with schools and any other professional body is establishing a dynamic working relationship where expertise from each other can be shared and the team effort is appreciated.

Most, (not all) of the individual assessment are commissioned by parents, on the advice of school.  It is important that I understand the context of the school in order to ensure that recommendations  ‘fit’ both in the context of the school and within the reaslitic realms of home. This can only be achieved by a good working relationship with the school, which I value tremendously.

Another aspect of work that I consider very important and enjoy is training. Examples of particular training sessions that I have delivered are:

  • Attachment Difficulties and Practical Strategies in School
  • The Use of Personal Construct Psychology in School to Ascertain the Pupil’s Core Constructs and Views on Life
  • Memory and Strategies to Help Improve Memory for Learning
  • Gender and Learning
  • Target Setting in Secondary Schools
  • Self Esteem and Behaviour Management
  • Pupil Friendly target setting
  • Dyslexia
  • Differentiation in the mainstream classroom (2012)
  • Dyscalculia

Currently I am thinking and working on particular different cognitions that our children need to develop in this digital age. This includes thinking and working with schools as to how schools need to become metacognitively aware of these changes in order to adapt to the changing need of our changing world but without compromising on the excellent traditional learning disciplines that are consistently relevant.